Friday, 13 February 2015


So. Here we are...

This is a new blog and I thought what better way to begin than by telling you a little bit about me?

Here are ten things you ought to know...

1. I am Scottish but I now live on the Isle of Wight on the south coast of England. I have been here for two and a half years since I left uni and it's pretty sweet. We even get sunshine down here...

2. I have a boyfriend called Dave who is pretty cool. And might read this. So he's totally amazing and smart and cool and I could do with him bringing me a piece of chocolate.

3. I have wanted to start a beauty blog for a couple of years but I have a full time career which takes up a lot of my time. But I thought I could do this as a hobby and see where it goes, y'know? No pressure.

4. I breathe makeup. I buy A LOT and it tends to be mainly high end but I do enjoy the odd perusal of the Boots counters. I have some holy grail favourites that I will share with you of course, but I will also keep you updated with any new and exciting purchases!

5. I love doggies. And animals. Just, anything that's cute and furry and fuzzeeee and *high pitched girl noises*. But seriously, the best day of my adult life was at Longleat Safari when I got to touch and get close to lots of animals. It's my kryptonite. 

6. I am clumsy as f***. If you give me a cup of juice you better hope you don't like you're shoes/carpet/general area we are in because that juice will get spilt. And it will be theatrical.

7. I live for holidays and weekend trips. I always need to have the next one booked to look forward to, it gives me life. We (Dave and myself) just got back from Paris last weekend, but I'm already planning another little trip. Maybe Sweden or Austria? We are heading to Vancouver in August which is going to be ridiculously amazing.

8. Wow... This is hard. Ok, so my favourite music is anything with a good melody that gets into my head (or gives me the feels). That could be rock, indie, occasionally pop or dance-y stuff, and even metal and country. Depends on the day, the mood and the outfit.

9. My favourite makeup looks are natural glam; I stick to what I know with peaches, bronzes, nudes, browns and golds. But I am trying to be more adventurous (see that purple lipstick up there? That was groundbreaking stuff for me!!). You'll probably see a theme as I go through my favourites and new purchases... But you've got to do you, right? 

10. My inspirations for makeup and this blogging adventure would be the likes of Lisa Eldridge (the mother of makeup... I love her less is more approach to beauty), Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup (dream team), Jaclyn Hill (absolute blending badass and hilarious to watch), Batalash (Sam is just the coolest girl ever), Karissa Pukas (OK, maybe Karissa is the coolest) and Chloe Morello (she has a very similar makeup style to me i.e awesome). I've probably forgotten someone but I might end up doing a favourites every month and I'll pop my faves from YouTube and blogs in there! 

Phew!!! That was a long one, but hopefully you all will know me a lil' bit better now. The next post will be makeup related and we can get into the swing of this! Thanks for joining me, I'm so excited to share beauty chats with all of you!

 Comment below with a fun fact about you so I can get to know you! 

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