Monday, 11 May 2015

House of Lashes Haul.

I have a confession. I don't 'do' fake eyelashes. 

I know, I know. Shocking for a beauty blogger. But I have naturally long lashes and I can never be bothered with the fuss of it all. Plus I struggle to find lashes that compliment my eye shape.

But recently (after watching many, many Desi Perkins, Jaclyn Hill and Teni Panosian YouTube videos) I decided to give them another go. They seem to add that last bit of polish to a prettily made up eye. And they do photograph well (I remember from my uni days!). 

I went to the House of Lashes website after seeing them on lots of YouTube videos and all over Instagram and picked out a few pairs. 

I got 5 pairs, priced between $9-14, and a bottle of the $8 white adhesive for a total of $69.95 (roughly £45). This seemed quite reasonable for 5 pairs of lashes, glue and shipping from the US. They arrived in one week which was faster than expected. They are all good quality and seem like they will last multiple wears. 

I tried them all on to show you the styles. I have no other makeup on as I found when I was researching them it was difficult to get a clear view of them on a bare eye. Hopefully this helps someone out there! 

These are my favourite and are the most popular on Instagram. Will look nice with most eye looks but I'm envisioning copper eyeshadows and a winged liner. I'll probably be wearing these to Beautycon London at the end of the month! 

These are my least favourite as I'm not a fan of the massive winged out look of the outer lashes. I'm going to trim them as they are a tad too long for my eye which might help. These might benefit from a heavier smoked out eye. 

These are also too long for me but not so dramatically winged out as the Noir Fairy. I'll trim them and they should look a bit better on my eye. I think these would be nice with a light brown and gold smoky eye. 

These are quite out there! But I think with the right makeup they could be one of my faves. I saw Kathleen Lights with these on, paired with bright red lips. They gave her eyes great definition without any liner. I'll give it a go!

These are probably the most natural. I wanted a lash that I could wear with minimal makeup and that wouldn't need a liner to cover the band. I'm thinking bronzed beachy makeup looks...

So I'll update you when I pair these with actual makeup! But hopefully these pictures will give you a good idea of the look of the lashes on the eye. 

The website was great, full of pictures of Instagrammers wearing each style which is helpful when choosing. The adhesive is also pretty good. It's a white glue but turns shimmery green-blue when tacky which is helpful for novices like me! 

Have you tried House of Lashes? What were your thoughts? 

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