Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks | Ordering To The UK Experience

I am so pleased to have got my hands on these infamous liquid lipsticks! They are all over Instagram and YouTube and I felt like the only lipstick fanatic not to have tried them. Living in the UK means that these are not available easily and I had to purchase straight from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and pay international shipping (plus customs). 

I'll start by saying they have a bit of a bad rep when it comes to delivery times. I was prepared for them not to be very fast but taking over three weeks to arrive was still disappointing. Also, I emailed them ten days after ordering to ask for a rough ETA and they told me that the order had just been processed (!) even though I'd had an email the week before telling me that they were shipped. This was due to 'back order issues'. Not a great experience and the long wait means I'm less keen to order in future, although I most likely will as they keep bringing out such bloody good products.

The liquid lipsticks cost $20 each, plus $17.95 for international shipping. I also had £20 of customs charges added so these lipsticks didn't exactly come cheap to the UK.

I wanted to try a selection of colours from the line and managed to whittle it down to four. I wanted a nude, an orange, a dark and a coral (these are my most likely to be worn shades... I'm a creature of habit). I chose Pure Hollywood (a neutral beige nude), Neon Coral (neon orange), Heathers (dark, darrrrkkk burgundy) and Retro Coral (bright pinky coral). 

The formula is pretty consistent, but I find Heathers and Pure Hollywood easier to work with than the two brights. They can become streaky in application but I find it's generally fixable whilst wet and once I'm happy with the look of things I leave my lips apart til everything has dried and 'locked in'. Lasting power is good, however when you add to many layers things start to look a bit goopy and flaky, so I'd advise less is more and if you go overboard blot and start again. 

Overall I'm so glad I bought these as I own nothing like them. I wish there were more liquid lipsticks on the UK market, I'm hoping it filters down into more drugstore brands. I'm going to be wearing these with a tan, minimal makeup and a smile. 

Have you tried Anastasia's liquid lipsticks? Any shades you recommend? 

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  1. Really nice colours you've bought! I'm planning to buy Pure Hollywood, Heathers and Sad Girl :-).

    X - Tess | Contoury