Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pineapple and Watermelon Crazy.

I've been buying lots of fruit themed items the last couple of months and it's become a bit of an obsession. But a cute one. 

Pineapples and watermelon are my favourite summer fruits along with the less photogenic coconut (which looks like a brown hairy ball... We'll leave it at that). I much prefer cheery fruity prints to floral when it comes to clothes and homeware. So here are some gems that I've picked up!

1. Estella Bartlett Pineapple Necklace.

I picked this up in an independent shop in Cowes high street which carries the loveliest range of jewellry. I was torn between this one and a pretty little Hamsa hand necklace but the pineapple won! This was reasonably priced at £16.50 for a gold plated necklace. It's quite small so it's discreet from far away and then when people see it up close they'll realise you're a crazy pineapple lady. Cool. 

Found an online source to buy this!

2. H&M Watermelon and Pineapple Sequin Tees. 

This was love at first sight. I bought the watermelon first, and then when I went back into H&M the following week the pineapple one threw itself at me. The tees fit really nicely, are so soft and only cost £12.99. The sequins really catch the light and it adds a bit of colour and interest to a basic tee and jeans look. I saw two more sequin designs in store; a white tee with palm trees and a cream tee with parrots. Some might call them tacky... I call them AWESOME. 

3. Paperchase Watermelon Travel Cup.

This little thing hasn't left my side since I bought it in May. I may have even taken it in my handbag once and surreptitiously sipped the straw when no one was looking. It's so cute and I drink so much more water with this than before. I think the straw makes you drink more and the lid stops me from feeling like dust can get in my water if it's been sitting for a while (does anyone else care about this or is it just me?!). Anyway it's cute and it was £7. Bargain. 

4. Paperchase Watermelon Makeup Bag. 

This wasn't actually sold as a makeup bag (I think it's a wash bag) but I knew it would be perfect for carrying my cosmetics together in my big handbag. It's adorable and wipes clean. I also like that you can see throughout the sides so you don't need to dig around looking for things. I can't see it on the website anymore but you might find it in store. It was £8 I believe. Paperchase have an amazing range of watermelon and pineapple goodies at the moment, from earphones and phone cases to plates and bags. Defo worth a look! 

What are you obsessed with at the moment? Don't be shy, there will be no judgement here ;)

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