Saturday, 11 April 2015

Boots Haul.

I went into boots innocently the other day whilst killing time before my Yoga class and left a significant amount of money lighter. I DONT KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENS! I picked up the usual boring bits like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo. But I got a few new bits that I thought might be interesting to show you. 

I hadn't seen any reviews prior to picking these up, but I was on the hunt for new serum and I've been having some breakouts the last few weeks. I saw these and to be honest the colour and name drew me in. But when I read the words 'hyaluronic acid' and 'salycilic acid' I was sold. Salycilic acid is a saviour for spotty skin, but the combination of hyaluronic acid means this shouldn't be drying (I'm noticing my first fine lines so keeping my skin plump is a growing priority!). This seems to have all the answers. I've been using it for less than a week so I can't give a proper review, but I have my fingers crossed for this combo.

I picked up this Soap & Glory face wash as a basic daily use wash; I have La Roche Posay Effeclar face wash for spotty times but it can be a bit drying. This one is a good morning face freshener and smells really great. 

The Garnier body scrub was a bit of a random one as I prefer to use exfoliating gloves generally. But this looked good and smelled fresh so I thought I'd see if it worked for pre- and post- tanning.

The original Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze is one of my fave gradual tanners for giving a natural deep colour but I find the 'butter' element a bit heavy for my skin. When I saw this I had to try it! Im going to do a separate review because *SPOILER* I am seriously in love with this! 

The makeup goodies! I have seen loads of positive reviews for the L'Oreal Infallible Matte foundation and being an oil slick myself, I had to pick it up. I don't wear liquid foundation in the daytime (I'm a powder foundation girl) but for nights out this will hopefully come in handy. I got the shade Sand to go with my skin when it is tanned. I'm yet to try it out but I have high hopes!

The L'Oreal Lumi concealer/highlighter pen was an impulse buy but so far I like it. I have bad under eye darkness and just wanted something to give a natural lift to the area. 

I picked up Essie Blanc nail varnish to get those white nails I've been lusting after, and I got the Barry M nail varnish in Treasure to use as an accent nail. I'm off work next week so I will be using this combination as soon as I can! Painting my nails always gets me in the relaxed frame of mind as I know I'm off work for more than a couple of days :)

Finally, I picked up some fruity hand sanitizer to carry in my bag, and a full size tube of the Hand Chemistry hand cream. I got a small tube in my British Beauty Blogger Dreambox 3 last month and it is seriously luxurious. It makes my hands feel like silk and absorbs quickly. Also it smells lush. It was £20 which now I think about it is ridiculous for hand cream but... I love it. 

I've got a few new bits to try out and I will post reviews on some of them soon! Hope you enjoyed a nosy into my boots bags! 

Have you picked up anything good from the drugstore recently?

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