Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dolce & Gabbana - L'Imperatrice No.3

I picked this up in the duty free shop on my way to Scotland last weekend. I was intending to browse only but this was so beautiful I couldn't resist. It was one of those scents where I walked away and couldn't stop sniffing my arm trying to work out what notes I recognised. It smells very fruity but in a totally new and unexpected way. It doesn't have the saccharine sweet notes that many fruity perfumes have, I'd describe it as juicy

The notes are listed as;

Top: Rhubarb, red currant, kiwi

Heart: Watermelon

Base: Sandalwood, musk, grapefruit

This perfume is part of the Anthology campaign that D&G came out with a couple of years ago, fronted by a few very famous models. This scent was created for Naomi Campbell. Honestly none of that matters to me, I bought this on scent alone and I am in love. 

The only con to this fragrance is that is EDT, and so by nature it is not as long lasting as my beloved D&G Rose The One. But it layers very well on top of Rose The One, and the 100ml bottle will last a good amount of time even with multiple sprays per day. I've actually filled up my little Sephora travel spray bottle with this perfume so I can respray when I need to. It last a couple of hours on me as far as I can tell.

I paid £24 in duty free which is a bargain for 100mls of any designer scent, however when I repurchase (and I will!) it will probably be from where it is online at £31.99 (RRP is £39.99).

I've been told multiple times this week that I smell great, which is the best thing you can hear when you have a new perfume on. I'm smitten. 


  1. Please, you cannot just "browse" in the duty free, that's not the world we live in :D
    I actually haven't stumbled upon that one before, but I think I might need to go and give it a sniff hah


    1. Haha I know, I need to be blindfolded and lead through duty free next time! I picked up a second bottle on my way home aswell!! It's a sickness ;)

      Definately give it a smell, from googling it a bit it seems to have a cult following! xxx